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Mopar® Parts Department in Dallas, TX

Our parts department is a leading opportunity for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and RAM owners in Dallas, TX, to get genuine Mopar® OEM parts. Whether you need to pick up a new battery to replace the old one in your home garage or visiting the Mopar® Express service lane for a battery replacement, you can always trust us to provide the top-quality genuine Mopar® parts recommended for your vehicle. We invite you to choose certified Mopar® services completed by certified technicians who install genuine Mopar® parts to factory specifications at Forest Lane CDJR in Dallas, TX.

Common Mopar® Replacement Parts

Common replacement parts are short-living, essential for vehicle performance, and frequently needed to complete routine maintenance. Here is a sample list of the Mopar® replacement parts commonly sold and available for purchase at Forest Lane CDJR:


Contact us when you need new brake pads, lines, rotors, master cylinders, or calipers.


We carry vital automotive fluids when your vehicle needs an exchange service or topping off, including coolant/antifreeze, motor oil, windshield wiper, brake, power steering, and transmission.


We are here for all of your essential filters, including cabin air, engine air, and fuel.

Windshield Wiper Blades

Genuine Mopar® wiper blades feature a durable rubber composite, springy design for excellent squeegee action, and cover maximum windshield surface area for peak visibility in adverse conditions.

Why Install Genuine Mopar® Parts?

Installing genuine Mopar® parts ensures that you get the best quality and most value for your hard-earned money. Genuine Mopar® parts provide the only way to get a perfect fit and long-lasting performance guarantee backed by a money-protecting warranty. Genuine Mopar® parts are engineered with top-notch raw materials in a state-of-the-art production facility guided by strict quality assurances. Aftermarket parts are not manufactured to the same rigorous standards as Mopar® quality demands; they might not fit, are not as durable, and often do not come with a warranty. We encourage customers interested in maximum quality and value to only accept genuine Mopar® parts.    

Order Genuine OEM Parts at Forest Lane CDJR in Dallas, TX

Customers can contact us to order new parts online or by phone. Submit the request form online, and we will contact you shortly regarding the parts inquiry. Customers can also call the parts department during normal hours to discuss parts and place orders with our helpful parts advisor.

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