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Get Your Oil Changed Quickly at Forest Lane CDJR of Dallas, TX

Have you had your vehicle’s oil changed recently? We all know we’re supposed to stick with a routine oil change schedule, so why do so few of us actually follow through? It is likely because of the time investment, trying to find time within our already busy schedules.

At Forest Lane CDJR in Dallas, we can help! We can quickly exchange your motor oil to provide fresh oil to lubricate your vehicle’s engine. We provide this option either with an appointment or at our Mopar® Express Lane. We are efficient because we know your CDJR vehicle better than anyone else in the area. We can drain your old oil, check your oil reservoir, replace your oil filter, then add fresh motor oil optimal for your model.

Oil Change Services

Conventional Oil Change Service

Conventional oil has been used in engines for decades and is therefore known as standard or traditional oil. It is refined from crude petroleum and typically doesn’t have many additives. It is usually the cheaper option but also requires the most frequent service.

Synthetic Oil Change Service

Synthetic oil is artificial from numerous chemicals and additives, each intended to provide additional benefits for your CDJR vehicle’s engine. It is a superior motor oil option from improved viscosity and lubrication performance to increased thermal resistance. This is why it usually comes with a higher price tag, but this is offset because it doesn’t need to be exchanged as frequently.

Semi-Synthetic Oil Change Service

A mixture of conventional and full-synthetic oils, semi-synthetic oil is known as a blend. It will have no more than 30% full-synthetic oil within its composition, but this is enough to add many of the same benefits for your engine. The price range is in-between the other two, as is the exchange frequency.

Diesel Oil Change Service

If your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or RAM requires diesel fuel, it also requires diesel oil to lubricate the engine properly. Diesel oil is a unique composition designed explicitly for use in diesel engines.

Is It Time to Have Your Vehicle’s Oil Changed?

Our certified CDJR technicians recommend checking your owner’s manual for the mileage at which your oil should be exchanged. This timeline may vary slightly depending on your vehicle model, engine type, and type of motor oil used. Typically it is around every 6 months or 5,000 miles, whichever you reach sooner. Regardless of when you last had your oil changed if you notice one of the following engine issues, it’s time to schedule an oil change service appointment at Forest Lane CDJR:

  • Vehicle vibrates while in idle
  • Unusual ticking sounds
  • Abnormal amounts of exhaust
  • Check engine light is illuminated on your dashboard 

Set up Your Oil Change Service Appointment at Forest Lane CDJR of Dallas, TX

If you’re ready to schedule your oil change service appointment at Forest Lane CDJR in Dallas, you can do so over the phone or using our simple online scheduling tool. We are open for service on Saturdays, offer a courtesy transportation shuttle and a complimentary multi-point inspection with each service. When you want high-quality services at affordable prices, we are your trusted partners in automotive care!

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